I want to make the transition from live poker to online. What are some tips on how to win at online poker?

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This is a very good question. Poker is such an interesting game, that there literally is no one answer. Before giving some tips on how to win at online poker, you must first ask yourself what kind of 'win' you are looking for. If you are looking to win some quick money, then a high variance game should be your choice. You should choose a heads up match, or a small tournament, or a single cash table. If you are looking on how to win at online poker steadily, then that's where more of a structured answer comes into place.

Just like a quick win has the quick or short answer of getting in, and getting out, a longer win has a much longer answer. If you are looking to on how to win at online poker more times than not, then there are many general tips to follow by.

In no particular order-

1)- Bankroll management.

Your bankroll is your life. You have to treat it like this. You have to protect it. Not abuse it, Keep it healthy. You should never have all your money on one table, for even if you are the best, you are always going to still have losing days. You should find a comfortable amount that you are willing to put at risk each time,. This could be 20% of your bankroll, 10%, 5%. Its up to you. Risk reward ratio definitely does come into play in trying to win at online poker, but if you overdo it then you are just gambling. And this is a game that is some part gambling, but skill will overtake luck in the long run.

2)-Ego and Emotions- When you start out as a beginner, most people are going to be better than you. Once you progress, you will often feel you are better than all the players at the table, or most. However, when this happens, if you don't have control over your emotions then often times your biggest opponent will be yourself. People underestimate the human mind, but a lot of emotions will come out when you play this game over time. It is a part gambling game, and it is part skill, and a lot of mental. Everyone perceives themselves better than they usually are. This is a good thing. This means that everyone at the table (including you) think they are better than they really are.

This might mean they are playing a game too high for their bankroll, or shouldn't even be playing at all. This is where a lot of your profit will come from. Once you realize how good you actually are, you will look at the game a different way. Put your ego aside. If you can beat your 20$ local game, it doesn't mean you can beat a $20 game online. If you have the mentality that you don't want to play that low online, then you shouldn't be playing at all. Makes sense if you think about it. If you cant beat the 20$ game, you probably won't end up beating it. Your money will all be gone. Your bankroll. Your life.

3)-Game selection. This will be broken down into two parts. This is a big concept in how to win at online poker.

a)Pick your games well. By this I mean pick games with bad players. As previously stated, don't play a game you cant beat. With the amount of people that play, and the amount of different types of players, gamblers, recreational, professional etc, there is almost certainly going to be bad players at the table. These are the tables you want. This is where the money is. You may ask "well if I'm always playing people worse than me, how am I going to win at online poker by getting better?"

Well, first off the game is about money. You do want to play bad people. Being able to play against different people though takes its own skill set. Beating weak players is a skill in its own. As mentioned earlier, there usually will be some decent and good people at the table too. You will be improving as you play. You should be beating the weak players, but maybe a player closer to your skill, or slightly over your skill beats you. This will happen. The main point is to play people you have a reasonable edge over, and don't play people who you think are too hard for yourself to beat at your current skill level.

b)Game types- There are many forms of the game of poker. You have cash tables, where you can sit down and get up whenever you want, tournaments, and many other forms. There are many variations of the game available. No Limit Hold 'em is the most popular. However it is not for everyone. Try different games, and see what you like and see what you are good at. You may never know that maybe you are a gifted tournament player unless you try.

4)- Off the table poker

Off table poker is the study of the game. This includes discussion, data analysis etc. To be successful at anything really, you should be putting extra work into it. You may keep making mistakes you are unaware of, but if you talk to people whose opinions you respect, you may get some very good answers. If you analyze your play, you will also find problem areas called leaks. So many people play, but the skill levels aren't always very evident. Those who put the extra work in how to win at online poker will notice that even a very slight edge makes a big difference. As the leaks are fixed, the skill level in your game will be increasingly evident.


If you have read this whole long post, then you are on the right path. Those who are patient in getting better, will get better. Those who are patient and wait for good cards and good spots to play, will do better. Sure, those who aren't patient could play one hand and "win" big, but that's more like a lottery ticket. Anyone can play once and win. If you truly want to be a winner, and feel like a winner every time you sit down, then these 5 tips are a good start. There are many many more things to this game than people are aware of.

I saved the best tip for last

6)- PLAY, PLAY, and PLAY! You cannot win if you do not ever try.

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