What are some good poker tips and tricks?

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There are hundreds if not thousands of good poker tips and tricks available to improve your ability at the game. Ranging from what hands you play, how you bet and reading the table and your opponents, I will briefly cover a few of the best I know to take your poker game to the next level, whether it be as a beginner or right up to an advanced level.

Firstly, probably the easiest of the poker tips and tricks I can give you revolves around position at the table. The later position you are, or closer to the dealer button but not past the blinds, the more hands you can play. The reason for this, is that having position on your opponents means that you can use their decisions to make the best possible decision yourself given how the table plays out. This means that it's harder for your opponent to read your hand as he has to make the first move, and therefore it is more profitable to play a wider range of hands which confuses your opponent even further.

This means hands like suited connectors, low pocket pairs, most royals start to become very profitable from late position. It is also therefore a very advantageous position to make a steal for the blinds and to abuse people who limp (or just call preflop) into the pot. As you can see the action before it gets to you, you can therefore raise it up with position and more often than not take the hand down on the flop with a solid continuation bet due to having the positional advantage. Even simply raising pre-flop and stealing the blinds is extremely profitable in the long run.

Another really key tip that is a general rule of thumb (doesn't always apply or make sense to play this way but more often than not it will pay off) is to play the opposite to how the table has been playing. For example if the majority of players at your table are tight and weak, as in they fold a lot of hands and don't see many flops or go to showdown, it is a lot more profitable to play more hands and become more aggressive. Even though the majority of the pots are quite small, stealing these consistently will help you to skyrocket your stack in no time at all and help build a domineering advantage over the table.

Vice versa applies, if the table is loose and playing many hands it pays to play less as the chance that you will have the best hand when you get involved with looser players is a lot higher and therefore your showdown value is higher. This does not mean to fold post flop however, it just means to fold more preflop and when you do choose to play a hand, play it aggressively. This style of play is called TAG or tight aggressive, and is a solid choice of playstyle in todays modern form of poker.

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