How to have a professional gambling career

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Answered by: John R, An Expert in the Gambling Strategies Category
How can you build a "professional gambling career" and make a living playing casino games? A "professional gambling career" has no short cuts. This is the single most important lesson I have learned since my first book on Baccarat came out in 2006. Not the fact that there are no short cuts, but that so many people think that one exists that they can get by simply by reading a book. There simply is no such thing available. Even if you were to read and study my book it would only make you a marginally better player than someone who hasn't. None of this talk about systems, rules of play and methods of play can take the place of experience and sound judgement.Maturity and hard work honing your playing skills is the only thing that will make you a winning player.Some of you will read a book and thin to yourself, "My goodness, all I have to do is read this book, follow what it says and I'll be on my way to riches. There's nothing else to do on my part." Well I can't believe how many people think this way. These people, much like anyone looking to make fast buck, are seeking a lottery-type, get-rich-quick-scheme.

I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but there is a great deal of work to do even after you have read any book on gambling. There have been so many people who have contacted me, wanting me to show them the way, take them by the hand and yes, even lending them money.Having read a gambling book and not understanding what is required of you is akin to driving a car without being taught the rules of the road. Even if you went to driving school you would still need to put in time in practice you you will know how to react in certain situations. It isn't especially easy and no one can teach you experience.

I said in my first book that playing on a professional level takes the same effort as going to law or medical school. It takes a certain type of personality to be strong and disciplined enough to be confronted by enormous pressure, remain true to your style and escape unscathed from a gambling session.

Building a professional gambling career is not sexy or least of all easy. It will take a brutal toll on you. It's going to demand that you bring your "A" game each and every time you go to the gaming table. It's going to require that you play at that level each time with no "B" level days, you will pay the cost when you bring your "B" game. You won't make a lot of money at first and you will have losing days as well.

It's going to take a great deal of intestinal fortitude to get up the day after suffering a big loss and go back to the table. You are going to alienate your friends and family to some degree. If your still reading and still interested in becoming a professional then let's get down to business. Read on and I'll show you the way.

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