What's a winning poker freeroll strategy online?

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Earning A Starting Bankroll With No Deposit: A Winning Poker Freeroll Strategy

The ultimate goal of any poker player is to make a lot of money out of a small investment. For starting players who aren't prepared to deposit real money into their account, the best way to start funding your dream of being a high roller is to win some starting cash from an online freeroll. These free tournaments often pay out in cash, which can then be used in real money tables and tourneys.

Of course, you need to win before you'll see a dime in your bank account. Read on for some Texas Hold'Em Poker freeroll strategy designed specifically for online play.

Early Leads Are Vital

Contrary to conventional poker strategy, it is actually a great idea to go nuts and make wild calls early in a freeroll tournament. With no money on the line, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. More importantly, neither does anyone else. Your pocket queens are most likely the best hand on the board when the player before you shoves their entire stack all-in during the first five minutes. Accumulating three, four, or five times your starting number of chips (aka: the buy-in) will make progressing to the end stages very, very quickly.

Don't overestimate your opponents

If you're playing a freeroll game, it is safe to assume that your opponents aren't particularly high-level poker players. Like you, they are probably just beginners looking for a foot in the door. If a player acts like they have pocket aces, they probably do. If they're shoving money into the pot for what looks like no reason, they are probably bluffing. If you play simple, textbook poker after you've accumulated a fair amount of chips, you can usually outplay your opponents.

Get Aggressive Right Before The Bubble

Playing a long tournament can be nerve wracking, especially once you get close to earning a share of the winnings. Undisciplined freeroll players will be even more shaken by the thought of losing than the average player. When there aren't many players left, bet big on any halfway decent hand. Pocket 9s and higher are enough to justify big bets, especially when you are one of the last players to act that turn.

Slow Down Once You're In The Money

Once enough players have been eliminated that you're in the money, slow down. A lot of freeroll players will go nuts and make unwise bets because their only goal was to get some cash. But you want the number one prize. Let them knock each other out and only call bets when you have a good hand.

The Final Table

If you've made it to the final table of a freeroll tournament, congratulations! It can be very difficult to outlast the massive number of people that join these tournaments. Continue to play carefully but look for signs of weakness. Players with low stacks can be bullied with large bets. If you're one of the short stacks at the table, try to turn the tables on your opponents. Go all in on almost any hand to drive other players out and try to collect the blinds.

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